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May 5, 2024 | Xinyi Tan

Concorso Ferrari 2024 in Old Town Pasadena

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The Mattioli Auto Group (MAG) recently made waves in the local Ferrarist community by attending the Concorso Pasadena event.

Xinyi Tan
May 5, 2024

This gathering, held to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Southwest Region of the FCA (Ferrari Club of America), saw approximately 90 Ferraris lining up along the iconic Colorado Boulevard in Old Town Pasadena.

MAG's presence at the event not only demonstrated their commitment to supporting enthusiasts of the Prancing Horse but also served as a platform to announce the exciting news of the upcoming Ferrari Pasadena store. This new location promises to be a hub for Ferrari aficionados in the area, offering a range of services and experiences tailored to their needs and desires.


Mattioli Auto Group team members at the event

The Concorso Pasadena event provided an opportunity for Ferrarists to come together, share their passion for these iconic vehicles, and revel in the beauty of classic and contemporary models alike. With MAG's support and the anticipation surrounding the new Ferrari Pasadena store, the future looks bright for the local Ferrari community in Pasadena and beyond.


Mattioli Auto Group booth