1964 Ferrari 250 LM s/n 5845

Chassis s/n 5845 underwent a complete restoration and reconstruction to its original shape in 2008 by Bacchelli & Villa
At the end of its racing career in 1972, s/n 5845 was converted to road use (seat belts added, sliding windows) and saw very minimal use or modification by all its future owners.

When displayed and inspected during the 2002 RM Auction at Santa Monica Airport it was completely original and unrestored. It still had the correct internal 6/LM and gearbox. Under the steering column were several scrutineering tags from the Italian Automobile Club and various race organizers.




China Red/Panno Blue




Complete restoration and reconstruction to its original shape


1964 Ferrari 250 LM s/n 5845

1964Gotfrid Koechert, first owner in Vienna, Austria.
1964Crashed by Koechert coming back from the Sierra Montana-Crans hill climb. Repaired and repainted in Rosso (darker red) at the factory.
19651st OA. Austrian GP Sports Car Race in Zeltweg, with Jochen Rindt at the wheel
1965Purchased by the N.A.R.T and shipped to Connecticut.
1965Acquired by Arthur Swanson of the Squadra Bardhal.
1966DNF. 12h of Sebring. Electrical issue on lap 70, Arthur Swanson and Robert Ennis as drivers.
1974Hisashi Okada, NY, NY, via Stan Nowak in trade for his 330TRI/LM No. 0808 (which went to Pierre Bardinon, F)
2000Purchased by Rob Myers, chairman and CEO of the RM Group of Companies
2008Purchased by an Argentinian buyer for $6,979,225 at RM’s Maranello Auction