1955 Ferrari 857S s/n 0578M

A factory race car first born as a 750 Monza it was refitted as a 857 Monza and had significant racing success with legendary drivers at its wheel.

Bacchelli & Villa restored chassis s/n 578 in 2016




Red with white nose / Panno Blue




Rectification of the non-conformities and repainting of the body


1955 Ferrari 857S s/n 0578M

19552° GP Supercortemaggiore (3 lt) U.Maglioli-M.Hawthorn
19551° Circuito del Mugello (3 lt) U.Maglioli
19552° Coppa Shell, Imola (2lt) U.Maglioli
19551° Bolzano-Mendola (2 lt) E.Castellotti
19552° Coppa d’Oro delle Dolomiti (2 lt) E.Castellotti
19551° Aosta-Gran Bernardo (3 lt) U.Maglioli
19558° Race Tourist Trophy, Dundrod U.Maglioli-M.Trintignant
19562° 1000 km Buenos Aires P.Hill-O.Gendebien
1956Dnf Twelve Hours of Sebring A.De Portago-J.Kimberly
1956Dns Cumberland SCCA J.McAfee
19656° Australian Tourist Trophy P.Whitehead
19574° New Zealand GP-Ardmore R.Jensen
19574° Lady Wigram R.Jensen
19574° South Island, Dunedin R.Jensen
19572°Ryal Busch scratch race R.Jensen
19572° New Zealand Champ.Rd Race R.Jensen
19574° Allcomer’s Hcp-Mairchau R.Jensen
19575°South Island Champ.Rd race R.Jensen