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January 17, 2023 | Carlos Preciado

Scuderia Corsa’s Four for Four Championship Run in Ferrari Challenge

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The team has cause for celebration after Ferrari Challenge World Finals at the Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari.

Carlos Preciado
January 17, 2023

Ferrari Challenge World Finals took place at the historic and alluring Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari in Imola during late October, 2022. The team has cause for celebration, for the fourth year in a row, Scuderia Corsa secured the Trofeo Pirelli.  A truly #4midable season from Jeremy Clarke and the entire Scuderia Corsa team. In total, the team walked away having earned the following titles:

Scuderia Corsa: 4th Consecutive Pirelli Driver Champion  

Ferrari Beverly Hills: 3rd place for Dealer Championship  

Jeremy Clarke: North America Pirelli Driver Champion  

Lisa Clark

  •  North America Ladies Champion 
  • 2nd Place in the North America Shell-AM Class
  • Europe Shell Cup Champion
  • Intercontinental Champion