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May 1, 2023 | Carlos Preciado

Homeward Bound: A Car's Tale

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Follow the journey of the 1970 Ferrari Dino 246 GT chassis #00754 as it makes its way back to Italy for transformation at Bacchelli & Villa.

Carlos Preciado
May 1, 2023

I was born on March 31st, 1970. Those who created me may refer to me as chassis #00754, but you may call me Ginevra. I left the factory on April 6th with my Argento Metallizzato exterior glistening under the golden Tuscan sun. I was on my way to Prato, Italy which is just outside of Florence. It was there that I spent my early years, and it was a time that I deeply cherished. My first caretaker was a sweet woman named Giovanna. And after her there was Lorenzo. A car such as I may have many caretakers in her lifetime, each one leaving an imprint, a story that I carry on to the next. A car’s legacy is a culmination of these very stories.

In 1973, I left my beloved homeland of Italy, and was shipped off to my next adventure on a new continent – America, specifically the United States. I explored the West Coast – Washington, California and even beyond - Hawaii. In 2000 I found myself on the East Coast. Somewhere along this journey, I received a makeover. My once metallic exterior turned red and my beautiful Leather Celeste was reupholstered in tan. My caretaker was very pleased, and I didn’t mind the change, but part of me missed my factory-given color. The USA had been my home for quite some time now, but I must admit that I had grown homesick over the years, and I had been quietly longing to return to Italy. Somewhere, the wishes deep within my engine were heard, and they were at last answered.

I had been purchased on a bidding website, and I could hardly contain my excitement. You see, there were rumors that I would eventually be returned to Italy! But my first stop was the West Coast, and I was so looking forward to seeing a friendly and familiar landscape.

One sunny Los Angeles day, I was taken from my temporary home of Ferrari Westlake, and was prepared for a seemingly long transport, which I had taken as a good sign. Italy was such a long distance away, and maybe this was the moment! And indeed the journey was arduous and long, and it became quite lonely at times in the wooden crate, but the dream of arriving in my home country kept me so hopeful.

In mid-April I received the greatest 53rd birthday present I could ever have imagined – I was uncrated to witness the most beautiful sight, because I was back in Modena! My arrival was received with such enthusiasm and appreciation for my craftsmanship, I could not help but blush even redder. These people were also speaking Italian – it was just so beautiful to hear. But what I heard next would have brought tears to my headlights (if cars could cry). They brought me here to restore me to my original colors – a true homecoming, in every glorious sense of the word.  This enchanted place is known as Bacchelli & Villa, and they are the best ones in the world to do this. I know I am in warm, loving, caring hands.