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March 28, 2024 | Xinyi Tan

From Surgery to Victory: Carlo Sainz Won Australian Grand Prix

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Following a setback that saw him sidelined due to an appendix surgery, Carlo Sainz made a triumphant return to the track at the Australian Grand Prix.

Xinyi Tan
March 28, 2024

Sharing his journey to recovery on his personal Instagram page, Sainz expressed gratitude to those who supported him through the challenging time: “My road to recovery 😂😂 and a little tribute to the people that made this weekend happen. Now time to get back training, in good shape and prepare the next few races. THANK YOU!”


At the Australian Grand Prix, Max Verstappen, aiming for a third consecutive victory in the 2024 season, started from pole position. However, his race took a dramatic turn as he encountered issues with his car early on. Seizing the opportunity, Sainz capitalized on Verstappen's misfortune and swiftly moved into the lead.

Verstappen's woes persisted, forcing him to retire from the race due to brake-related problems. Meanwhile, Sainz maintained his momentum, extending his lead over his competitors and ultimately securing his third F1 career win as he crossed the finish line, with his teammate Charles Leclerc closely following behind to secure second place.This outstanding performance earned Ferrari a total of 43 points, solidifying their position in the championship standings.

During an interview with Formula 1, Sainz humorously remarked, 

"Well, you know, I’m still jobless for next year, so I guess this does good for me!" Despite the uncertainty about his future, Sainz's victory at the Australian Grand Prix brought significant recognition to him and the Ferrari team.


Ferrari achieved a remarkable 1-2 finish at the Australian Grand Prix, with Sainz clinching the first position and his teammate Charles Leclerc securing second place.