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December 1, 2023 | Erika Luis

Ferrari Unveils Spectacular New Models In 2023

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SF90XX Stradale, 499P, and 296 Challenge

Erika Luis
December 1, 2023

Ferrari, the epitome of luxury and performance, continues to redefine automotive excellence with the launch of three groundbreaking models that promise to set new standards in speed, power, and innovation. The SF90XX Stradale, 499P, and 296 Challenge are the latest additions to Ferrari's illustrious lineup, each boasting unique features that showcase the brand's commitment to pushing the boundaries of automotive technology.


Ferrari SF90XX Stradale

SF90XX Stradale Breaks Fiorano Lap Record

The SF90XX Stradale, Ferrari's latest masterpiece, recently made history by setting the fastest lap time at the Fiorano track. With an additional 30 cv of power and radical aero solutions, this road-legal marvel achieved a staggering lap time of 1’17.309”, surpassing the previous record by 1.4 seconds. The hot lap, driven by Raffaele de Simone, Head of Development Test Driving, can be witnessed in all its glory on Ferrari's official channels.

499P: Ferrari's Return to WEC Top Class

The 499P marks Ferrari's triumphant return to the FIA WEC top class, set to dominate the Le Mans Hypercar (LMH) category from 2023. Named to honor the Prancing Horse's rich history, the 499P is a four-wheel-drive prototype designed to comply with the technical regulations of the hybrid-engined Le Mans Hypercar class.

Boasting a powerful hybrid powertrain delivering 500 kW to the wheels and a minimum weight of 1,030 kilos, the 499P is a manifestation of Ferrari's commitment to endurance racing. With the expertise of Attività Sportive GT, under the direction of Antonello Coletta and the technical supervision of Ferdinando Cannizzo, the 499P promises to reclaim Ferrari's position at the top of endurance racing.


296 Challenge: A Record-Breaking Racer

The Ferrari 296 Challenge, the ninth model in the prestigious Challenge series, is set to redefine racing standards. Based on the 296 GTB production car, this competition model showcases remarkable advancements in power, aerodynamics, and handling.

Distinguished as the inaugural car in the single-make series to feature a V6 engine without the hybrid powertrain, the 296 Challenge strategically sheds weight while amplifying power output to an impressive 700 cv. This achievement results in a record-setting specific power output for the segment – an astounding 234 cv/l.

Having made its debut at Finali Mondiali in October, the 296 Challenge is gearing up for entry into competitive racing during the 2024 season. Ferrari enthusiasts are in for an electrifying racing experience as the 296 Challenge embarks on the challenges of the European and North American series.


Ferrari 296 Challenge