2022 Ferrari 812 GTS

1,711 miles
VIN: ZFF97CMA7N0277454
$ 779,000


Ferrari Beverly Hills is delighted to present this Tailor Made Ferrari 812 GTS. This masterpiece of automotive engineering combines breathtaking performance with timeless elegance. Finished in Glossy Aluminium, this captivating beauty commands respect wherever it goes. Step inside and be enveloped in the luxurious Black Ultrasuede interior, exquisitely designed with yellow accents to elevate this special vehicle's character. This 812 GTS is truly one-of-a-kind. With a seemingly endless list of options and special equipment, there will certainly never be another like it. Let's delve into the extensive list of options that make this 812 GTS truly extraordinary. In addition to the interior & exterior options listed below, the list of Special Equipment is arguably even more impressive: Tailor Made Vehicle. Glossy Aluminium 64350163 Car Paint. Dreamline in Glossy Giallo Modena 205200 on Side of Front Spoiler, Sill, and Rear Diffuser. Upholstery (INTC Area) in Black Ultrasuede Kiwami JX 2J8B. Carbon Fibre Seats with Cushion and Backrest with Checked Design in Black Ultrasuede Kiwami JX 2J8B. Piping on Sides of Seats in Cordura 1100 316 Giallo. CLDT Insert on Area 1 in Ultrasuede Kiwami X 2 8B Nero, CLDT Inserts on Areas 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 in Cordura 1100 316. Carbon Fibre Steering Wheel in Black Leather with Black Ultrasuede Kiwami JX 2J8B Grips. Tone-on-Tone Stitching: In Nero 4000 Thread on Areas in Black Leather and in Black Ultrasuede Kiwami JX 2J8B, In Gallo 7766 Thread on Areas in Cordura 1100 316. Ferrari Shields (Edge Only) Embroidered in Gallo 7766 Thread on Headrest. Armrest on Door Panels in Black Ultrasuede Kiwami JX 2J8B. Mats in Black Trefoil Design Superfabric. Additional Mats in Black Trefoil Design Superfabric with Side Insert and Edge Trim in Black Ultrasuede Kiwami JX 2J8B and Logo Embroidered in Giallo 7766 Thread. Dreamline on FI Paddles in Glossy Gallo Modena. 12 O'Clock Marker Stripe on Upper Rim of Steering Wheel in Glossy Giallo Modena. F1 Button Housings in Glossy Gallo Modena. Glossy Carbon Fibre Kickplate with Ferrari Tailor Made Logo in Glossy Argento Nurburgring and Stripe in Glossy Gallo Modena. Glossy Carbon Fibre Dedication Plate with Ferrari Tailor Made Logo in Glossy Argento Nurburgring and Stripe in Glossy Gallo Modena. Fire Extinguisher Cover in Black Ultrasuede Kiwami JX 2J8B with Black Tone-on-Tone Stitching.

Body type
Drive type
  • Exterior features

    EXTC External colors EXTRACAMPIONARIO - NOT STANDARD RSFR Matt Black Forged Racing Wheel CALY Yellow Brake Calipers CEAI Front Bumper Insert Carbon Fibre FCWS Carbon Fibre Front Spoiler CELB Rear Bumper Sides in Carbon Fibre CEXS Carbon Fibre Underdoor Cover CEXD Rear Diffuser in Carbon Fibre AFS2 Adaptive Front Lights + SBL EXAB Black Ceramic Exhaust Pipes AS01 Livrea Su Brancardi AS03 Livrea Su Estrattore AS04 Livrea Su Battitacco Livrea Senza Badge CISK Exterior Sill Kick in Carbon ELEV Suspension Lifter FCAM Advanced Front Driving Camera SURR Surround View ALOG Airbrushed Logo PNT1 2 Layer Paint Upon Sample CEIB Front Bumper Insert in Carbon Fibre

    This 812 GTS is currently equipped with several parts from Novitec, including the wheels, springs, exhaust, and carbon fiber accents.

  • Interior features

    INTC Internal Colors EXTRACAMPIONARIO - NOT STANDARD CRPT Carpets Colors EXTRACAMPIONARIO - NOT STANDARD STC1 Coloured Standard Stitching EXTRACAMPIONARIO - NOT STANDARD EPHX Emph With Special Thread EXTRACAMPIONARIO - NOT STANDARD EMPH Horse Stitched on Headrest EXTRACAMPIONARIO - NOT STANDARD ST1X STC1 With Special Thread EXTRACAMPIONARIO - NOT STANDARD STW1 Coloured Steering Wheel EXTRACAMPIONARIO - NOT STANDARD DLPA Dreamline F1 Paddles-1 Colour EXTRACAMPIONARIO - NOT STANDARD F1PM F1 Buttons Cover in One Colour EXTRACAMPIONARIO - NOT STANDARD LIVR Livery RSES Racing Seat Lifter DEDI Dedication Plate in Silver SNDB High Power HiFi System PDIS Passenger Display RPMY Yellow Rev. Counter DATR Carbon Fibre Dashboard Inserts CILR Carbon Fibre Central Bridge CITZ Carbon Fibre Upper Tunnel Trim CIPZ Carbon Fibre Door Panels CIDH Carbon Fibre Inner Door Handle EXT1 Handly Fire Extinguisher DLUP Dreamline Upper Arch Steer. Wh EXTRACAMPIONARIO - NOT STANDARD BVEN Black Ring on Dashboard Vents

  • Warranty and servicing

    Ferrari's Original Factory Warranty is active until 06/07/2025. Ferrari's Genuine Maintenance Program is active until 06/07/2029.

    With its combination of breathtaking design, exhilarating performance, and rarity, the 2022 Ferrari 812 GTS is a testament to automotive excellence. Indulge in the freedom of open-top motoring and experience the sheer thrill of driving a V12 convertible masterpiece that is destined to become a collector's dream.

    Don't miss this opportunity to own a true automotive masterpiece. Contact us now to schedule your private viewing and immerse yourself in the extraordinary world of Ferrari.

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